Our Team

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of Local 955 members who have been elected to office by the membership. Elections are held every four years. The Executive Board and the Business Manager work together to ensure the highest integrity and create policies with the members’ interest at heart. Executive Board Meetings are held quarterly and the minutes are read out to the membership at General Membership meetings following each Executive Board Meeting. Any proposed changes in policies put forward by the Executive Board are voted on by the membership at these meetings. The Executive Board closely follows the guidelines, rules and regulations set out in our Constitution and By-Laws.

The President is the Chair of the Executive Board and the Table Officers consist of the Business Manager, President, Vice-President, Recording Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary and the Treasurer.  The Board also has a Conductor, Guard, three Trustees, three Auditors and three Members at Large representing each District.

Business Manager

The Business Manager shall be the chief executive officer of a Local Union. He shall appoint any and all representatives, agents, and assistants.

Assistant Business Manager

The Assistant Business Manager reports directly to the Business Manager on day to day operational matters.

Business Representatives

Business Representatives oversee a district office. In the absence of the Business Manager, the Business Representative is the most senior Union representative in the district to address Union matters.  Business Representatives also have the same responsibilities as Business Agents – handling labour relations issues, dealing with day-to-day issues between Members and our signatory employers, and collective bargaining.

Business Agents

Business Agents represent our members collectively. They communicate with signatory employers, negotiate collective agreements, ensure collective agreements are followed, and resolve disputes between our members and our signatory employers. Our Business Agents ensure our members are treated fairly in the workplace.