About Health & Wellness and Pension

The Health & Wellness Trust maintains a benefit plan to support and protect members and their families with extended health care, dental benefits, and insurance. 

The Pension Trust Fund was established September 1, 1972, to provide retirement income for participating OE Local 955 members.  The Plan is registered in Alberta and is subject to applicable provincial and federal legislation.  Contact the Health & Wellness and Pension office at 780-483-9550 to find out more.

On-site Visits

Based in the Edmonton office, the Health & Wellness and Pension Trust Administrator periodically visits all other sites. Contact the office to be notified of future on-site visits.

Contact Information

17603 - 114 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5S 2R9
Toll-free in Alberta: 1-800-222-6410
Phone: 780-483-9550
Fax: 780-483-1958
Email: benefits@oe955.com
Email: pension@oe955.com

Health &Wellness and Pension Plan Guides

Any questions regarding Health & Wellness and Pension should be directed to the Health & Wellness Trust Office at 780-483-9550 or by email to benefits@oe955.com or pension@oe955.com.

The complete Health & Wellness Plan Text and complete Pension Plan Text is available for inspection by plan members, by appointment only at the Trust Office.