About the Job Board

About the Job Board



Internal number assigned to each job position posted. For any inquiries, please refer to this number.


Date position was uploaded to the Job Board and open for member bids.


Specific worksite and physical (geographic) location for job position


Camp, LOA (Living Out Allowance), Camp for Out of Town Applicants


Flights, Flight allowance, Busing to and from worksite


Approximate date - bidder must be available to work on this date; employer will determine actual start date


Scheduled working hours/days and days off


Scheduled shifts (days, nights, rotating days and nights)


To be determined by employer


Collective agreement determines wages, benefits, allowances


Site specific working conditions


Job title; activity to be performed i.e. grader operator


Detailed duties, equipment specifications


Safety, apprentice/journeyman tickets

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS Includes orientation instructions, pre-employment, post-incident alcohol and drug testing, worksite requirements, transportation requirements

Before you bid

  • Carefully review each job posting. Only bid on a job if you have the experience, skills and certifications listed in the posting.
  • Members need their union registration number (located on your union card) to bid online.
  • Members bidding on jobs should be on the Out of Work List.  Priority is given to members with the required skills and experience who have been out of work the longest. 
  • Members must be in good standing (dues paid up to date) to be dispatched.
  • Driver’s licence and all relevant tickets and certifications must be valid.

How to bid (online)

You can bid on jobs online 24 hours per day 7 days per week with no time restriction.  You must know the following:

  • To bid online, members need their union registration number.
  • Members may bid on many different job positions at the same time, if they have the skills and experience required.
  • Only bid on a job position once. Multiple bids on the same job position will not be accepted. A confirmation email will follow. 
  • If you do not receive email confirmation of your online bid or receive an error message, please contact the Union Hall.

How to bid (by phone)

You can bid on jobs by calling the Union and speaking to administration weekdays or leave a voice mail.

 To bid, please call:

 Edmonton: 780-483-0955
 Fort McMurray: 780-790-1713
 Calgary: 403-250-3840

How Dispatching Works

Every day our dispatchers receive job requisitions from employers and post those positions on our job board. Dispatchers then review skills and experience of the members who bid on each job.  It is very important for bidders to provide current, accurate personal contact information, safety tickets and apprentice/journeyman tickets.  The dispatch process is much quicker if our dispatchers are provided with up to date information. 

When considering bids, our dispatchers:

  • Check that the member is in good standing and has paid his or her union dues
  • Check the member’s place on our Out of Work List
  • Check that the member has the skills needed to do the job
  • Check that the member has the credentials tickets and certification required for the job (a valid driver’s licence and valid safety tickets or certifications)
  • Check that the member is cleared for the employer or job site

Only qualified candidates will be contacted and the dispatch process may take up to five business days.  If you have bid on a job, please note that staying available for dispatchers to contact you is important and will assist the team in getting you out to work quicker.

Once a qualified member has accepted a job, the dispatcher issues the member a dispatch slip with the position’s details and emails the employer a dispatch slip.

Out of Work? Here’s What to Do

  1. Call the Union Hall (780-483-0955) to have your name added to the Out of Work List
  2. Ensure your contact information is up-to-date
  3. Ensure your tickets and certifications are up-to-date
  4. Update your profile within our Work Experience Profile
  5. Keep paying dues (out of work dues) to ensure your membership is in good standing (union dues are paid in full)
  6. Check our job board daily and bid on jobs that match your experience, skills and certification
  7. Check-in to our Out of Work List once a month

Out of Work List Priority

Our dispatch process operates on the principle of first in, first out.  Members out of work for the longest period of time should be the first dispatched to jobs if they have the necessary skills and experience for the job.

Out of Work List Number

Out of Work List numbers provide an overview of how many members with identified specific skills and work experience are out of work.  One factor for dispatch is the date you placed yourself on the Out of Work List.  Do not be deterred from bidding on a job based on your Out of Work List number.

How to Get on the Out of Work List

To add your name to our Out of Work List, please call 780-483-0955.

Checking In

Once you’re on our Out of Work List, you need to check-in once a month to keep your position on the list. Local 955 Bylaws Article 23, Section 2b states "Members shall register their name on the out-of-work list and then shall report once a month either by phone or in writing." 

If you don’t check-in (either online, by calling or bidding on a job) once a month, you may be taken off the list.  It is very important to check in once a month to maintain your position on the Out of Work List.  

How to Check-In

You can check-in online to keep your place on our Out of Work List (link to job board check-in) and you can check in by calling 780-483-0955.

Bidding on a job position automatically creates a check-in.

Remember, you need to check-in once a month or you may lose your place on the list.