Reimbursement Policy

Member Qualifications

  • Local 955 membership must be in good standing at the time the course was booked AND
  • You must have been employed by a contributing employer working a minimum of 350 hours within the twelve months prior to course completion. (A time extension may be available please call for details).
  • If you do not have the minimum working hours, are on a permit or are a new or pending member, the reimbursement will be considered after you have reached the 350 working hours with a contributing employer. The working hours must be met within 6 months of the course completion. 
  • If you have been expelled or suspended you do not qualify for training reimbursement.

Course Qualifications

  • Course must be taken in Alberta by an APPROVED Provider.
  • If re-certifying, the course must be within 6 months of current expiration date.
  • Course must be relative to Operating Engineers.
  • Basic courses such as CSTS, PCST, Ground Disturbance, Mobile Crane Safety, WHMIS and TDG are covered by the fund when taken in accordance with the policy. They are offered daily in Edmonton and are free to all qualifying members. Some courses may be available online or in Calgary and Fort McMurray. 
  • Online courses may be provided at no cost to qualifying members, so check with training to be sure or you may not be reimbursed.

Reimbursement Criteria

  • You must try to book courses offered by the Apprenticeship and Education Office before booking with an alternate provider, or you may NOT be reimbursed.
  • If you have been Out of Work for more than 90 days prior approval for training outside the hall is required.
  • Course provider must be pre-approved.
  • Courses taken outside the Hall will reduce your annual training allowance.
  • If a reimbursement is submitted prior to a “Good Standing” membership status, it will be held for REVIEW until the status changes to GS or you have reached the 350 working hours within the maximum of 6 months from date of completion.
  • The annual maximum per member is $750.00. (excludes qualified apprenticeship tuition)

Supporting Documents (must accompany the Member Reimbursement Form)

  • Invoice
  • Proof of Payment (credit card slip, electronic receipt, credit card statement, etc.)
  • Successful completion certificates
  • Documents must be submitted within 3 months of course completion or up to 6 months if meeting the 350 minimum working hours. Submission date is considered to be the date when ALL required documents are received.
  • Apprenticeships must have a letter from Apprenticeship and Industry Training that includes marks.
  • Incomplete documentation will be returned.


  • Cancellation policies are set by the individual training providers. If the Training Trust Fund is invoiced for a seat in a class that you had booked, your training allowance will be charged back. After 2 no-shows you may not be eligible for training for 12 months.