What are Union Dues?

What are union dues?

Union dues are monthly contributions members make to the union based on their working status. By paying union dues, members pool their resources to ensure protection of the group as a whole and achieve fair wages and benefits, safe working conditions and representation.

There are several types of dues:

  • Working Dues
  • Out of Work Dues
  • Sick/Disabled Dues
  • Retired Dues

Dues rates are set by majority vote of the membership. Monthly dues amounts vary according to the charter as well as the collective agreement the member is working under.

While working, employers deduct union dues and submit them to the union. It is our members’ responsibility to ensure union dues are deducted and submitted – please regularly check your pay slip!

All dues are payable on the 1st of every month. In order to maintain Good Standing, members must ensure their dues are paid monthly whether you are working, out of work, on disability or retired.

Why pay union dues?

Union dues pay for the services we offer our members. Unions are non-profit organizations and union dues are tax deductible.

Union dues pay for:

  • Union representation
  • Collective bargaining process
  • Training for Business Agents and Job Stewards
  • Dispatch services
  • Legal protection for members
  • Organizing costs
  • Administration

Union membership is valuable

Our members have union pride; membership is for a lifetime. Paying union dues is important. Union dues must be paid up to date to vote in elections or ratify collective agreements. Dues must be paid in full to be dispatched to a job position. Dues must be paid to fully access health and pension benefits. If, for any reason, you are unable to pay your dues or make the difficult decision to withdraw your membership, please contact administration for assistance.

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