How to Create a Work Experience Profile

  1. Go to the Jobs tab and select Work Experience Profile from the drop-down menu

  2. Your personal information will autopopulate - if you need to update this information, go to the Contact Personal Information tab in the Member Area

  3. Work Information - if you work away from home and have a local address for Fort McMurray, etc. please enter it here.  This shows dispatch that you have a place to live in Fort McMurray if you are bidding on jobs there

  4. Skills - please check off as many skills as you have.  If it is a skill with attachments please list attachments in the pop-up text box (eg. lift tray, luffing jib, wagon).  *All Pipeline skills require you to state what crew and what tasks for which you have work experience .

  5. Work History - you can list as many employers as you want - to add another Employer, click Add Employer

  6. If you operated several types of equipment for the same employer, please add a position for each type of equipment.  For example, if you were dispatched as a skid steer operator add a position for skid steer.  If you also operated a forklift and zoom boom during that work assignment, add a separate position for forklift and add another for zoom boom.

  7. Equipment Classification is the type of equipment - Excavator

  8. Make/Model is the specific brand of equipment  and model number - John Deere 470

  9. Equipment Size/Capacity - for example, cranes - 60 tonne

  10. Attachments - example of attachment for Excavator - Twist Bucket

  11. Hours Spent operating/maintaining equipment - hours in seat operating equipment during work assignment

  12. Certificates, Tickets and Training Courses - check off each course, ticket for which you have a valid, up to date certificate, license.  Please check expiry dates and make sure that your licenses and certificates have not expired.


Our priority is to put our members to work first. Only Local 955 members can bid on job postings for the first two business days.



Travel cards are members of other IUOE locals and must have current travel cards to bid on jobs. Travel cards can bid on jobs 2 business days after positions are posted.



Non members can bid on jobs 2 business days after positions are posted.

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