Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships and Programs

Local 955 supports a program of scholarships and bursaries for students who are dependents of members in good standing with the International Union of Operating Engineers. The scholarship programs are listed below. Qualifications and application deadlines are described in the specific program materials.

When to apply:

Scholarships may be awarded to students who are members or dependents of a member in good standing with the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local Union No. 955. The total amount of each Scholarship will be $5,000.00 to be paid over 2 consecutive academic years of study, in increments of $2,500.00 per year. 

Please click the link to view the application form. N.B. Coutts Scholarship Award Application Form. 2024_NBCouttsScholarshipFillableApp

Confirmation/Verification of Enrollment Form - for Post Secondary Institutions


Budd Coutts

When to apply:

The Canadian Conference of the International Union of Operating Engineers is accepting applications for ten (10) bursaries of seven hundred and fifty ($750.00) dollars. These educational bursaries are intended to provide financial assistance to I.U.O.E. members’ spouses and children. For the Canadian Conference bursaries application and eligibility requirements please click here.

Coast to Coast Canadian Conference

Robert J Watson National Bursary Program

The GPMC NMC is pleased to announce that our annual Robert J. Watson Bursary Program has a website designed to handle the application and submission process. Please click here to view the rules and regulations and apply for this year’s draw.


When to apply: Fall

The Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada allocates awards in the fall of each year to a son or daughter of parents or guardians who derive their principal income from pipeline construction. 

If your son or daughter is enrolled in a full-time program leading to a diploma or degree and you have a history of working for a PLCAC contractor member, the PLCAC Student Award Program Application form is available here.

Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada