Training Policy

Admission Criteria

  • Must be a member of Local 955 in good standing.
  • Must have a minimum of 350 working hours through a contributing employer within 12 months prior to the course completion date. This applies to good standing members, travel cards, pending members and specific requirements for a dispatch. (A time extension may be available, please call for details).
  • Eligibility will be confirmed at the time the course confirmation is made.
  • Must have a good understanding of the English language.
  • Must meet the following medical and physical fitness requirements:

If corrective lenses are required, you shall always wear them while operating a machine; and you must have the ability to hear warning signals.  If a hearing aid is required, it shall be worn at all times.

  • Students enrolled in Equipment training are required to have proper safety equipment including CSA Approved work boots, safety glasses and hard hat.


  • Students are required to be on time. Participants who arrive more than 15 minutes late will be refused entry to the course. 

Rules of Conduct

  • You must not be under the influence of non-prescription drugs or alcohol.
  • You must follow the instructions and policies of the course instructor.
  • You must not purposely damage IUOE property.
  • You will treat the instructor and fellow students in a respectful manner.
  • You must not use profanities, racial or sexual remarks while in attendance.

Dismissal Policy

     We reserve the right to dismiss any participant who engages in

  • Physical abuse of the equipment or property
  • Theft of any nature or degree
  • Verbal or physical abuse of the instructors or other students, including disputes
  • Behavior displaying insubordination, refusal to cooperate with instructors and schedules
  • Recklessly operating equipment
  • Academic dishonesty
  • Use of alcohol or non-prescription drugs (If the student is under the influence of prescription drugs the student must make the instructor aware of the type of drug and the effect it may have on alertness or his/her ability to safely operate equipment).


  • 2 full business days are required for notice of cancellation.
  • All late cancellations and no shows will be billed against your training allowance. After 2 no shows you may not be eligible for training for the following 12 months.


  • After 2 unsuccessful compact equipment courses you may not be eligible for further equipment training.

     FOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT COURSES PLEASE SEE THE Heavy Equipment Course Operator Policy