Why Join Local 955?

Local 955 Charters

There are three Charters within Local 955: Local 955A, Local 955B & Local 955C


Local 955A Charter members bid on jobs and are dispatched to employers. The majority of our membership are Local 955A Charter members.


Most of our Local 955B Charter members are employed with counties, municipalities, transportation, health care facilities, maintenance, and rental equipment shops.


Local 955C Charter encompasses our members working in mining and stationary sectors.

Local 955B and Local 955C Charter members are hired directly by employers. While many of these signatory employers provide their own health and pension plans, Local 955 negotiates benefits and pension for our 955B and 955C members.

You’re part of the family

When you become a member of IUOE Local 955, you join a family of other brothers and sisters committed to working together to find the best job opportunities, working conditions and services for you and your families.

Worker wearing Safety Gears

The Benefits of Local 955

All Local 955 members enjoy these benefits

Representation at Work

Our Business Agents represent our members in the workplace. Each Business Agent is trained in negotiation, conflict resolution, arbitration and collective agreement administration.

Our members can talk to a Business Agent to discuss any questions or issues they may have.

Our Business Agents help members resolve conflicts at work. If a member has a workplace issue, the first step is to discuss it with a Job Steward.  If the matter cannot be resolved, the Job Steward will contact the Business Agent.

Local 955’s goal is to create safe and harmonious workplaces for members.


Local 955 negotiates the most reasonable compensation for our members. Priorities for negotiation are wages, benefits, working conditions, vacation time, workplace health and safety.

Accessible Staff

Local 955 has four offices in Alberta: Edmonton (head office), Fort McMurray, Calgary and Edson. Members can contact Business Agents and administrative staff in each office.

Legal Representation

Grievances are managed by the Union.  The Union engages legal counsel on an as needed basis for support in processes grievances, if they go to arbitration.

WCB Representation

Our members have access to an independent WCB Advocate who specializes in claim issues faced by Building Trades Union members. Our advocate is an information resource and assists with dispute resolution, acting as a representative throughout appeals processes.

Focus on Safety

We believe safety is a top priority. We offer our members a variety of specialized training. Our collective agreements ensure specific tasks are completed by specific tradespeople to avoid accidents caused by workers attempting tasks without proper training. These agreements also ensure our members’ work is not awarded to other trades or non-unionized workers.

Scholarships & Bursaries

OE 955 offers the N.B.Coutts Scholarship to members or their dependents to encourage academic achievement and educational advancement. Immediate family of members may be eligible for other scholarships and bursaries provided by trade associations.


Our Done Workin’ Club is for retired members. The club meets for coffee about once every second month in our member lounge.

Local 955A Charter members also enjoy these benefits


Local 955A Charter members often work for many different employers.  Because these members are in a more fluid workforce, Local 955 has negotiated access to health benefits and pension and training through the Local 955 Health & Wellness and Pension and Training Trusts.  This ensures continuity of benefits and pension for these members.


Local 955 works with over 250 employers who send manpower requests to our dispatch team daily. Our job board is updated every day. Our members are able to bid on new jobs before anyone else.


Local 955A members and their families are entitled to medical, dental and vision benefits as well as travel and life insurance and long term disability. Our members’ health benefits may continue when members are out of work by using the hours bank or self-pay option.


Local 955A members are eligible to receive pensions after they retire. Employers contribute to the Plan on the member’s behalf. Through exceptional management of Local 955’s pension fund, Local 955’s pension is fully funded, meaning there is no shortage of funds for future pension payments.


Many of our 955A Charter members are eligible for our training programs. We have a top-of-the line training center and knowledgeable, experienced instructors. We offer both hands-on, equipment-based training and classroom training.

INSURANCE Our members are covered by life, critical illness, and long and short term disability insurance. Our members get discounted rates on personal home and auto insurance through Aon.

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