Doug Lozeron

Doug Lozeron

Business Agent

Doug Lozeron is a dedicated professional who has been supported by his family’s strong belief in the importance of trade unions. While he didn’t always heed their advice in his younger days, Doug eventually recognized the value of their guidance and seized the opportunity to join Local 955 in 2005. Although the work environment was initially unfamiliar to him, Doug’s enthusiastic and eager-to-learn attitude allowed him to connect with exceptional mentors along the way.


His journey began with a role as an oiler for Bannister on the Pipeline Board, where he gained exposure to operating equipment. Through hard work and determination, Doug became an indentured crane apprentice, eventually landing his dream job as a crane operator at Sterling Crane. The camaraderie and versatility within his tight-knit team made every day at work a joyful experience. Doug thrived in an environment that encouraged creative problem-solving, drawing upon classroom knowledge and the collective expertise of his colleagues. Their unwavering attention to detail and mutual trust enabled them to overcome unique challenges and find effective solutions.


Although Doug acknowledges that he’s made mistakes and will continue to do so, he takes great pride in his empathetic, inclusive, and non-judgmental nature. Co-workers and union members trust him implicitly, turning to him for support, even with sensitive or embarrassing concerns. Doug believes that fostering such a dynamic leads to enhanced morale, greater motivation, and improved performance for everyone involved.


Doug’s family has been a tremendous influence in his life, with several members who are also members of Local 955. His father and older brother have particularly shaped his career development, commanding respect through their vast knowledge and open-mindedness. Working closely with his brother in recent years, Doug recognizes that there is no better teacher than family.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Doug is grateful for his guidance and unwavering commitment to instilling union values. His father’s pride in seeing Doug become a union member and a crane operator has been a driving force in his journey. As a Business Agent, Doug aspires to approach every situation honestly and empathetically, earning the trust of the union members. He firmly believes that no member should fear job insecurity or compromised safety at work. Doug aims to be a resource for problem-solving without creating additional complications.


With safety being of utmost importance in any industry, Doug remains dedicated to promoting and upholding a strong safety culture. He encourages everyone to embrace safety practices, knowing that they contribute to an improved quality of life for all. Doug is committed to delivering high-quality work, prioritizing safety, and upholding the standards that the union members have long been recognized for.

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