Pat Meloche

Pat Meloche

Business Agent

Pat has been a Member of Operating Engineers since 1990. Pat started his working life delivering newspapers at a young age. Pat became a Member in Good Standing of Operating Engineers after signing a Union card during an Organizing Drive while running equipment for a non-union employer.

Pat attributes his successful work history to Premay Pipeline Hauling, who brought Pat in to work on multiple projects running a boom and then indentured Pat as a Crane Apprentice. Pat’s best job was running sidebooms, cranes and operating other equipment.

Pat’s ability to relate to people within the pipeline sector comes from his firsthand experience in the industry. As a Business Agent, Pat is heavily involved in the dispatch process, collective bargaining and employer relations.

Pat is a huge proponent of communicating information to Members. Pat believes each Member’s support and involvement creates opportunity and a better outcome during negotiations for everyone involved. Pat’s straight and direct communication skills are one of his best attributes.

Pat feels safety is very important and is a motto we need to live by. If we take the politics out of everyday life we can be safe, and prosper.

One of Pat’s goals as a Business Agent, is to have Unions work together. People working together, rather than against each other, accomplish more.

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