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New year, new benefits

Posted on January 16, 2024

We are very excited about the changes that have come to IUOE Local 955’s plan this year. We have heard some feedback from members about dropping in and out of coverage, and other members saying they expect more from their benefits after bargaining increases. With the feedback we get from you, our valued membership, and expert feedback from our consultants, we have come up with a revamped design that will help solve many issues! As of January 1, 2024, we started a Core and Extended division within the main plan. What does this mean?

For the Core division, we wanted to retain those core services that every member expects from a H&W plan but reduce the costs so members are less likely to drop in and out of coverage. This was particularly important for our lower contributing members, so the Core division is for those working through agreements that contribute less than 2.05/hour. To help reduce those costs, we removed LTD benefits from the Core division, but kept everything else the same, and extended our STD benefits out to a whopping 104 weeks! Currently, STD only covers up to 32 weeks, but we think this increase to 104 weeks will make sure the vast majority of disabled members will be covered throughout their disability. We have reduced the cost to start Core benefits from 350 adjusted hours to 270 adjusted hours, and the monthly charge for benefits has reduced from 150 adjusted hours to 135 hours.

For the Extended division, we wanted to provide additional benefits to those who have bargained H&W contribution increases over time, so the Extended division is for those working through agreements that contribute at or above 2.05/hour. This Extended division retains all the same benefits as the old plan, but you now have a $500 Health Spending Account to use toward helping pay for your healthcare needs. To provide the extra benefits, the cost to start Extended benefits remains at 350 adjusted hours, and the monthly charge for benefits has increased from 150 adjusted hours to 175 adjusted hours.




Contribution rate required

Below $2.05

$2.05 and higher

Initial Eligibility

270 Adjusted Hours

350 Adjusted Hours

Monthly Draw

135 Adjusted Hours

175 Adjusted Hours

Extended Health Care

No change, same drug, vision, paramedical, etc. coverage


No change, same dental coverage

Life Insurance

No change, $100,000 for members, $5,000 spousal

Short Term Disability

Weekly benefit = EI Sickness Benefit Rate

104 weeks (26-weeks through EI)

Long Term Disability


No change in amounts, commences after STD

Health Spending Account


2024 amount: $500 per member (to be reviewed annually)


No change, no limit coverage

We think the reductions in cost for the Core division will help make sure our lower contributing members are able to access benefits faster, and maintain them for longer. For members who are now in our Extended division, we are happy to provide some additional benefits for the higher H&W contribution rates that they have bargained. Overall, the H&W Plan has steadied after a couple of tough years, and we think these changes will help us to continue improving the H&W Plan for all our members.

For more information on the H&W Plan changes, please visit our website at Health & Wellness Benefits | IUOE Local 955 ( We have updated booklets, disability processes and videos up on our website. For a full explanation of the thought that went into these plan changes, please log into your OE955 member portal and view the Annual Roadshow H&W video from 2023.


Navin Peiris

Executive Director, Operating Engineers Local 955 Health & Wellness and Pension Trust Funds

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