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Don Mills

Don Mills


Don Mills began his career as a parts driver with Sterling Crane. In an effort to advance, he began applying to different jobs within the company. His supervisor at the time took him aside and made him an offer. They would train Don to be a crane operator in any branch in Canada, all he had to do was choose.

“The company was willing to invest in me. They took a chance with me. They saw something in me and decided it would be worth the effort to train me,” said Don.

After choosing to stay in Edmonton, Don worked in a variety of jobs including camp work in Fort McMurray. He signed up with the union in March 1998 and has been with Local 955 ever since.

Don became interested in the Executive Board after a mentor suggested that it might be a good route for him to take to learn about the union from the inside.

“I really want to know what goes on behind the scenes. There’s a lot that happens that people out in the field just don’t know about. The discussions, the decisions and the reasons behind those decisions. That is what really intrigues me about this.”

One of Don’s main passions is infusing pride back into the Union. Don’s father was a union member in Ontario and worked as a Job Steward for the carpenters’ union. His father had a balanced approach on the job site, since he worked as a union employee for many years and also ran his own business. This is the kind of balance and perspective that Don wants to bring to his position on the Executive Board, along with a renewed sense of pride at being a member of Local 955.

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