Lionel Laverdiere

Lionel Laverdiere

Financial Secretary

I am Alberta born, raised, and grew up an aboriginal third generation(3rd) family 28 year member of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 955, my grandfather, uncles, 1st and 2nd cousins’, father and myself were all members and so I know what it is like to be raised in and grow up in a Unionized home environment.

My earliest memory of Union activism as a kid was taking my dad to the busses in Fort McMurray to go and protest for 955 at the Legislative assembly in Edmonton. He, my father was a long-term member who proudly worked for North American Construction and then for PCL as an Operating Engineer. We lived (survived) during the economic downturn of the 80’s so I do know hardship when the employers work stops and lay everybody off during trying times. Myself I Graduated in 87-88 and then took Business administration at N.A.I.T. for two years (not completed).   Afterword’s I worked Pipeline Construction in various capacities and for many different Union contractors in local 955 before getting recruited to work on behalf of the IUOE 955 Union Hall. I was hired as dispatcher first for many years and then went on to become a Business Agent, Organizer and was elected as Financial Secretary on the Executive Board for more years about 9.6 in total.

During his time at the hall has completed courses in – The Art of negotiation- U of A faculty of business, Ability to deal with difficult people- U of A, processing a grievance and A Duty to Accommodate – Privet legal courses, WBC General Union Advocate Course (life of a claim)- WCB, and the Organizers, S.A.L.T. & C.O.M.E.T Courses put on by the International.  While I served on the Executive Board as Financial Secretary for my term, I worked on negotiations for both the stationary (counties, school boards, others) and construction side (overburden, crane rental, pipeline, CLR, Road builders, and many more). Participated in organizing drive for the local and was the first point of contact for many outside inquiries regarding Unionizing’s different employers and prospective members.

I have been a proud member of the local for over 28 years and have worked in every area of the province of Alberta and Saskatchewan too. I also serve on the political action committees for IUOE Local 955 and the Alberta Building Trades Council to lobby many different government offices, elected and appointed individuals, and many political parties for the Union (labour) on a regular basis on behalf of all members in Alberta and forward the workers agenda. I have also severed a VP of Communication of the Stony Plain Provincial constituency (PC) and in the past has been VP of Policy for both Ft Saskatchewan and Stony Plain (PC).  I was assigned to lobby PC government (in power at time) for our Union Political action committee to forward the workers of Alberta agenda, lobby to secure more work, and get our message to leaders federal and provincial both.

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