Gerald P. Bourassa

Gerald P. Bourassa

Member at Large Northern District

In 1973, Gerald became a member of Local 955 while he was working for Caps Construction. He worked as an equipment operator of dozers, packers and earth movers. After a few months, he moved over to Canadian Bechthel in 1974 where he earned his ticket in operating cranes. He was there for five years before moving around and taking short-term work doing shut downs.

Gerald worked with Catalytic Enterprise for Syncrude for 6 years as a Foremen before going to Suncor where he worked for 14 years. He then went to Sterling Crane in 1995 where he worked as a Foreman for nearly 15 years, but has been with Sterling Crane for almost 21 years.

Gerald is serving his third term as an Executive Board Member. His role involves being the representative for his area and reporting back any concerns or suggestions that members have. He’s looking forward to serving his next term.

“The union’s been really good to me,” says Gerald. “It’s kept me working, given me good benefits, helped advance my career and even the career of my children. My daughter was able to get a bursary from the hall so she could go off to university. It’s really a great organization.”

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