Bryan Kelly

Bryan Kelly

Financial Secretary

From working in the armed forces, to managing a successful Credit Union, Bryan Kelly has had a wealth of experience that led him from Newfoundland to Alberta in 2004.

“I’ve spent 28 years in the financial industry and after a while you get so involved in the community,” says Bryan. “People start to think of you as a leader and so you get involved in town council, the food bank and the Chamber of Commerce and people start turning to you when things get hard. I’d get phone calls at 3am and it all became too much after a while. I wanted something different.”

So Bryan and his wife came to Alberta to start over. To live a simpler life. And he found his way to Local 955. He began his career as a labourer for North American.

Eventually he worked as a parts runner, steamer serviceman, foreman, haul truck driver and senior training for Aecon mining. He also took a break from the field for a year to be a Business Agent back in 2008.

Over the years Bryan has tried to give back to the union by doing some informal financial counselling for several Local 955 members but now his focus is on leading by example and inspiring younger members to get involved. 

“I think we need to start educating our younger members about the union. And there needs to be more accountability. Members need to have a say. The union belongs to the members,” says Bryan. “We also need to educate the public about the value and benefits of having unions. Some people ask me, what can one person really do? I say, let’s find out. Ultimately, I’m here for them—Local 955 members.”   

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