Remco Reinders

Remco Reinders

Business Agent

Remco Reinders’ family immigrated to Fort McMurray in 2008 from the Netherlands with the help of Northern Crane Services. Both Remco and his father worked for Northern Crane as Crane Operators. He became a member of Local 955 in the summer of 2009.

Remco’s first job was delivering the morning newspaper with his bicycle. This was no small task as he had to deliver between 300-500 newspapers every morning before 7:00am, 7 days a week.

Remco feels the best skills he brings to his job are his trustworthiness, loyalty and empathy. He prides himself on being outgoing and non-judgmental and strives to be a Business Agent everyone can come to no matter the reason.

For Remco, starting his career as a Crane Operator with Northern Crane was crucial to his future. It was here that he was able to operate a wide variety of equipment that gave him the knowledge and experience to broaden his horizons. It also gave him the opportunity to mentor and pass on what he learned to new workers in the field, hopefully benefiting their careers.

Dennis Lewandoski was Remco’s trainer as an apprentice and he credits Dennis with being particularly influential to his learning and development within his career. Dennis would always take the time to explain every last detail, and make sure Remco fully understood before continuing on. He also gave Remco the opportunity to let him do what he taught, giving him the hands-on experience, he needed to learn and grow.

Remco’s biggest influence on his career would be his dad. As a young kid, his dad would take him along on jobs and let him help set up the crane. As he got better at this, his father started to let him set the crane up himself, eventually being able to start running the crane. He has many memories of his childhood, driving around with his dad, being able to reminisce about projects they would pass that they had worked on. Remco believes that if it wasn’t for his father he would not have the life and career he has now.

As a Business Agent, Remco focuses on building sustainable relationships with members by being someone they can trust. He will always work in the best interest of the members and will never being too busy to help.

Remco believes safety is the number one priority. If everyone works safe, everyone will get to go home to their families. You do your part and he will do his.

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