Frank Araneda

Frank Araneda

Business Agent

Frank Araneda became an Operating Engineers, Member in Good Standing in 1980. Frank’s relationship with Operating Engineers started when he started working as a Heavy Equipment Operator at the Coal Valley Mine, near Edson Alberta.

Throughout the years of working at the mine, Frank gained the trust of his fellow Members and the employer. In 1998, Frank was nominated as Job Steward at the Coal Valley Mine and continued to support and represent the Union as a Chief Job Steward until 2005.

Frank gained new skills and experience during this time, his efforts and success as a Job Steward and Chief Job Steward did not go unnoticed. One of the then 955 Business Agents, recognized Frank’s determination and invited Frank to sit on several bargaining teams during negotiations.

A significant influence of Frank’s is now retired Business Agent, Bill Stewart. Frank credits Bill for encouraging him to take on the rewarding challenge as Business Agent. Frank rose to the challenge of operating heavy equipment to take on the new role of Business Agent in 2005.

Frank’s effective negotiating skills continue to contribute to his success as a Business Agent. Frank takes pride and genuinely cares for the wellbeing of all Members. Frank hand delivers Dues payments on behalf of Members to maintain their Good Standing status and Membership applications for new employees, in person to the Union Hall to ensure timely processing.

Frank is a strong proponent of safety, stating “safety is an awareness of any hazards in your surroundings, at all times”.

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