Dan Madden

Dan Madden


Dan Madden has nearly 30 years as a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers. Originally from Local 370 in Spokane, Dan and his wife Tracy transferred to Fort McMurray in 2012-2013.

They were evacuated during the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires and moved shortly thereafter to Edmonton where they currently live. Dan works at NCSG as a crane operator and understands the challenges of camp life.

Dan and his family are union through and through. His grandfather was a 30-year member in the millwright trade and Dan’s two sons are also card-carrying union members.

Dan is passionate about passing down the history and importance of unions to the next generation. 

“I’m a really strong advocate for getting the younger members involved,” says Dan Madden.  “To get the change this union needs, we have to realize that just being a member isn’t enough anymore. We have to continue to improve, and evolve. In order to stay in this game, we need to raise the bar.”

During his campaign, Dan focused on three main ideas that he thought would improve Local 955’s current situation. He wanted to see mandatory continuing education along with regular skills evaluation for all members; more education of members about the historical background and value of the union; and a review of the dispatch process.

Dan has been a Job Steward, taken part in committees and walked picket lines. He is vested in different unions where he holds journeyman tickets. He has also owned several business including a construction company. He’s looking forward to expanding his knowledge of the Executive Board process and being of service to his fellow members.

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