Carol Ann Barron

Carol Ann Barron


I moved to Fort McMurray, AB in 2009, our kids were finished school and my husband was working here so I decided to make the move.  We have lived in other provinces over the years and the experiences and friendships we gained were great, so it was off to another adventure.

I obtained a job as maintenance administrator with North American Construction on Suncor site. The long work hours combined with the travel to and from site was certainly an eye-opening experience.   It was a very fast paced job and I had no experience working in the mine so I had lots to learn and enjoyed it tremendously.

Within the next two years the company made some changes and I was given the opportunity to apply for the position of warehouse technician.  I have always had the roll up your sleeve attitude and it seems like an exciting and challenging opportunity.   I received the job and this is when I became part of the OE955 family and I am still employed with NACG as warehouse tech.

Being part of the union gave me a sense of security, knowing they had my back and would stand by me if ever I needed.  I was very interested when approached to become job steward and then a year later to become chief job steward.  I take pride in representing and defending my brothers and sisters.

I try to be as accessible as possible, working in the warehouse gives the workers easy access to asking questions or discussing matters throughout the day. I freely pass on a contact number to others who are not on my shift or want advice on the off hours.  I don’t always have the answers but I get the info to them as soon as I can get it.   Sometimes a quick chat can defuse a potential situation and other times not, either way I stand by them until the matter is resolved.

I try to protect the rights that were fought for in the collective agreement and foster a spirit of unity amongst workers, after all we are family.

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