Brian Campbell Jr.

Brian Campbell Jr.


Brian is a second generation union member and has been with Local 955 for over 27 years. He has served as a Job Steward for Mammoet at the Northwest Redwater Partnership Refinery as well as serving as Auditor on the Executive Board for one term. He typically works as a Crane Operator but started as a Heavy Duty Mechanic and has been a foreman for different contractors.

Now in his second term as Auditor on the Executive Board as well as being elected as Treasurer, he is looking forward to taking on the additional responsibilities. He is committed to helping the union become stronger by encouraging a greater voice for its members. Brian has worked with many great men and women in this organization and wants to use their knowledge and sacrifices to improve the union for current and future members. He is always willing to speak to the rank and file members about their concerns and ideas.

"I ran in the election for the Executive Board because I wanted a more active role in how our union was being run," says Brian. "Now with my added responsibilities I will use my stronger position to help steer our union through the rough times ahead, along with the newly elected Executive Board. It’s an honor that the membership has entrusted me to represent them in these positions. I believe we can make this union an example of what a union should be in this province. With our members help, we can grow stronger."

As a second generation member, Brian strongly believes that the union is about solidarity and strength in numbers.

"I know that we can accomplish more together than apart. This union has been a part of my life for more than 37 years since my father became a member in 1980.He taught me the value of putting in a good day’s work for a good day’s pay and the value of having a secure pension."

Brian believes that the union can still accomplish more great things for its members through training, lobbying organizations for more work, organizing the non-union sector, and standing up for its members when they have been wronged.

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