Anthony Noseworthy

Anthony Noseworthy

Business Agent

"My family has always been union, from uncles, aunts, and cousins to my grandparents and parents," says Anthony."I started my working career as an ambitious young man who had a zest for working with people, heavy equipment and problem solving." Anthony is originally from Newfoundland, but grew up in Port Coquitlam, BC. He is a brother to two sisters, the father of an amazing daughter, and a best friend to his wife.

His career started off in Fort McMurray working in mining and Overburden with North American and later Cow Harbor (for a total of 11 years). Anthony moved on to industrial plant maintenance working for Jacobs where he worked his way up from Zoom Boom Operator to Multi-Trade Supervisor. In late 2015, he was asked to supervise a group of Crane Operators and Teamsters at different sites. This challenge led to improved working conditions and an efficient program for our IUOE Local 955 members who work there today.

Anthony has participated in numerous leadership and management training courses.  He has an ICCS certificate from the Apprenticeship Board of Alberta. He is a huge advocate of workplace safety which has also lead him to obtain his Alberta OHS Legislation certificate.

"I believe that training for both myself and the membership is imperative to the growth and survival of our craft," says Anthony.

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