Business Manager’s Message

Bruce Moffatt, Business Manager

Supporting Our Members Through Difficult Times

Low oil prices continue to affect our economy right across Canada, and it’s particularly tough in Alberta. Our members in the oil and gas and related industries are affected and no one is predicting things will change soon.

During these difficult times, Local 955 is here to support members. As your representative with contractors these are my three priorities:

1. Keep jobs – It’s important to me to maintain as many jobs as possible during rapidly changing times in the oil and gas industry and get the best terms and conditions.

2. Demand fair conditions – I want to ensure all decisions we make with contractors are done with your best interests in mind.

3. Stay competitive – Just like you, I work hard to make sure Local 955 stays competitive in the marketplace so our members benefit.

In order to make these priorities a reality, we must work with our brothers and sisters in locals both in Canada and the U.S. Always top of mind is what can we do to make sure our members continue to work and new members find the necessary jobs?

I am confident that if we approach the changes happening in the industry right now in a smart way and we think about how we can work to support each other, we will come through this even stronger. This means we need to look at the long term and remember that when the oil and gas industry remains competitive, Local 955 members succeed too.

As someone who has gone through several downturns in the oil and gas industry over the past 35 years, experience has proven that supporting each other and working together is the best way to get through it. I am fully confident we will come out of this and be successful.

Bruce Moffatt,
Business Manager

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Posted on July 19, 2017

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