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Posted on November 28, 2016

IUOE locals across the country have launched a #Ready2Work campaign and website aimed at rallying Canadians to tell their MPs it’s time to build pipelines.

The campaign is funded by all of the IUOE locals in Canada that have members working in the pipeline industry.

Click here to visit the website.

“The name says it all,” IUOE Canadian director Lionel Railton said in a press release. “The pipeline proposals currently on the table are undergoing the most rigorous and comprehensive review process in Canadian history. They are ready to go, and we are ready to work.

“There’s no time to delay. It’s time to build. We are asking Canadians to join us in sending that message loud and clear.”

The website notes that 99.999 per cent of crude oil moved by pipeline arrives safely at its destination because of Canadian Operating Engineers – a world-class workforce, trained through programs supported by millions of dollars in investment by IUOE locals.

“But our commitment to safety comes from much more than training,” notes IUOE Canadian director Railton. “Operating Engineers live in the same communities where these pipelines are built. We are your next-door neighbours – so when we build, we build right, we build safe, and we build to last.”

The #Ready2Work campaign is also highlighting the fact that pipelines are the most environmentally responsible choice for moving oil, as shipping it by rail or truck produces more greenhouse gas emissions.

The IUOE says the need for pipeline projects has never been stronger, as the collapse of oil prices has led to an economic crisis.

Local 955 Business Manager Bruce Moffatt emphasized the importance of the pipeline industry to all of our sectors. 

“I encourage all of our members to show their support and go to the #Ready2Work website to email their Member of Parliament.  Pipeline projects provide opportunity for long-term growth and future expansion of Alberta’s economy.  As well as immediate employment for pipeline workers, these projects also create potential jobs for our members in the Overburden, maintenance and industrial sectors.

Supporting pipeline projects has a ripple effect.  More of our members will be working and a stronger economy will help position us in future negotiations for all of our collective agreements.  Alberta plays an important role in the Canadian economy.  Pipeline projects like Energy East will provide employment opportunities across the country.”

Canada lost more than 31,000 jobs in July of this year. In Alberta alone, the oil crisis made 2015 the worst year for job losses since 1982. Thousands of working class Canadians are out of work.

“This is a crisis – families can’t put food on the table,” said Railton. “Building pipelines will create thousands of good union jobs, right when Canadians need them most.

“No more delays – I ask Canadians to visit the website and tell their MP we are ready to work.”

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