Dispatch Process

Dispatch Process

How Dispatching Works

Every day our dispatchers receive job requisitions from employers and post those positions on our job board. Dispatchers then review skills and experience of the members who bid on each job.  It is very important for bidders to provide current, accurate personal contact information, safety tickets and apprentice/journeyman tickets.  The dispatch process is much quicker if our dispatchers are provided with up to date information. 

When considering bids, our dispatchers:

  • Check that the member is in good standing and has paid his or her union dues
  • Check the member’s place on our Out of Work List
  • Check that the member has the skills needed to do the job
  • Check that the member has the credentials tickets and certification required for the job (a valid driver’s licence and valid safety tickets or certifications)
  • Check that the member is cleared for the employer or job site

Only qualified candidates will be contacted and the dispatch process may take up to five business days.  If you have bid on a job, please note that staying available for dispatchers to contact you is important and will assist the team in getting you out to work quicker.

Once a qualified member has accepted a job, the dispatcher issues the member a dispatch slip with the position’s details and emails the employer a dispatch slip.


Posted on October 16, 2017


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