COVID Student Protocols

IUOE Local 955 Apprenticeship & Education follows strict COVID-19 virus prevention procedures and responsibilities. These have been developed in accordance with federal

and provincial public health recommendations and IUOE Local 955’s best practices. As such, these procedures may change as the pandemic evolves. This student briefing is

part of our procedures and every student who attends a course must be informed of these points when being confirmed to attend training.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Follow all procedures described in the BCAEC COVID-19 Virus Prevention Training Procedures.
  2. Complete the Apprenticeship and Education COVID-19 Risk Exposure Declaration both verbally when confirmed for training and in writing during course orientation.
  3. If a student begins to experience symptoms they must isolate at home, notify the Apprenticeship & Education office and A.H.S.
  4. Practice physical distancing as described in the Apprenticeship and Education COVID-19 Virus Prevention Training Procedures.
  5. Wear a mask and disposable gloves when inside an equipment cab.
  6. Bring any preferred personal sanitization items such as preferred hand soap, disinfectant wipes, face mask, and disposable gloves.
  7. Bring a thermos of coffee and a bottle for water as no coffee, plates or utensils will be supplied during training.
  8. Clean personal spaces. This will include all desk/table and equipment that was used by the student during class. The Instructors will provide cleaning and sanitization supplies.
  9. In the event a student has previously contracted the COVID-19 virus, a professional medical note will be required to clear the student to enter the Budd Coutts Apprenticeship and Education Centre.