Operating Engineers Job Board


The OE955 Job Board is updated on weekdays with new postings - visit the Job Board often.  Job listings and check-in are available at all times.  Bidding is disabled between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm. Non-members and Travel Card members must submit a current resume when placing a bid. (View other job-related news).

Jobs are open to OE955 members immediately; jobs are open to Travel card members and non-members on the Open Date (typically 48 hours after the original posting). Please bid only on jobs that match your training and experience. (See additional Job Board instructions)

Please note the following important information: 

  1.  As per the bylaws for Local 955, Article 23, Section 2b, Members are required to check-in once a month; Online check-in is available - Click on the "Check-in" button below and follow the prompts.  IMPORTANT - Failure to Check in may result in being removed from the Job Board.
  2. Members who are looking for work must be placed on the Job Board.  Please contact our offices to be placed on a Job Board.
  3. Your Union Registration number is required to bid on-line; your unique Registration number can be found on the front of your Union card.  No Union card?  Give us a call and we can help.
  4. Only bid once!  Unless you receive an error message, your bid is successful.  No need to call to check.

Online check-in now available! Click the "Check In" button and follow the prompts.